Why you should show up to do inspired work

Why you should show up to do inspired work

I’m tired today, but I’m here to do my thing.

I am going to show up and write. I will write about whatever comes to mind, even if it means writing about writing because I’m here to do my thing.

I about it like a mindfulness practice. I think, I type, and I look at the words as they move across the screen. I watch as the word count goes up and I keep my fingers moving.

This got me thinking about the benefits of defining activities. On the benefits of having routines or steps that your follow.  With this line of thought, I’ve concluded that this is the key to doing your thing with consistency. Whatever your thing maybe.

For me, for now, it’s writing.

I keep my thoughts on a loop. Think. Listen. Type. Keep your fingers moving.

Keep the words going and keep the count going up and that is all you will need to do for now. So, I let the words go.

Sometimes I direct it, but sometimes, I don’t. I’m focused on what it is that I’m  doing right now in the present moment.

I’m typing. Typing has my attention and nothing else and if I mess up, that is okay . I will fix it later, but for now, I keep the word count moving and that means that I keep my fingers moving.

I write.

Distractions come, but I’m not going to focus on that at all. Instead, I am going to try and relax and just type because that is all I can do at the moment.

The first step on your day to day

When people think of the things that they do on a day to day basis it can be hard to keep focused on the activity.

You worry about the future. You worry about mistakes. But you stall on taking that first step.

The first step is to create the piece – to do that thing, whatever that may be for you.

That means that you write as fast as possible; you record as may songs as possible, you run as long as possible. You make. You make as fast as possible. It could be as crap as possible but you don’t care. You do it anyway. You keep those fingers moving so that you get it done.

No self-censoring and no correcting your typos. Nope. There are tools for that. There are people for that.

What you need instead is to do the work because no one else will.

No one else will have the thoughts that you have. If you sit someone else down for the same amount of time they are not going to come up with the same words that you do.


This is your message and only you can write it.

This is your song, and only you can sing it.

These are your words and only you can say it.

This is your business and only you can start it.

Only you can put it out there for the world and only you can be the bearer of whatever it is you are inspired to do.

So, you do that work.

Sit down and produce what you’re called to produce. Make it raw. After that you can always fix it and polish it up.  And if it still sucks, then can trash it.

The fact of the matter is that all diamonds come out of the earth rough, uncut and unpolished. But, they first have to be formed. That pressure, and that time that it takes for that process to happen has to be there. You cannot bypass that.

So go and do your thing.

Spend the time and effort. Allow that inspiration to flow through you.

If you don’t then no one else will.

Even if they do, it won’t be the same as yours because you are unique. You have a blessed perspective that is yours and yours alone to share.

So whatever your thing is, make the time to do it. Because if you don’t do it no one will. Because they can’t.

Only you can do it.

How to stop hiding and become more useful to others

It’s been a while since I have been here to write. But, I figured that I would come in and do this today in order to really get the things that are o my mind out of it.

My aim here is to share how and why I decided to stop hiding and start sharing in order to be more useful and helpful to others.

The inception

It all started with a night of queuing up podcast episodes. Mostly from the Tim Ferriss show.

It seems that when I decided to pick out the things that I was going to listen to on Sunday night, I did not know quite what to expect. It turns out that what ended up happening was that I was able to find something of a direction.


My anger and my f-this moment

This direction came, first from the anger that I was feeling. You see to give you some context, in a span of 48 hours, maybe less, there were 2 incidents of police officers shooting unarmed black men on camera. Now this is not something I was totally identified with and it was not the root of my anger. At least not solely.

What I found was that the response that people were having were very informed by the media and there were very polarized. Very black or white. And this upset me because people don’t think.

In short, if I wanted to get up and move my family away from all these crazy people, I couldn’t afford to.

Of course that being outside of myself I had to really sit and ponder what it is that was upsetting me then. As it turns out it was the fact that I was at the mercy of this. I was location bound and I was stuck on this idea that I could not really get up and move if I wanted to or at least it would be very difficult for me to and that upset me because I have all the pieces that I need.

I have all that it takes for me to get out there and make my own thing and to blaze my own trail. I think through things. I don’t know if it’s possible that there is something that you have to wonder about here as far as how one would go about making sure that they can move if they want to change their environment but it turns out that I was upset about my inability to structure and environment that allows me to execute and ship on my ideas.

So now I am determined to do just that. I’m going to do it while learning in public.

I had show my sister some of my writing, I think and I write a lot, and I was wondering what I could do with it and she basically said, or at least I interpreted what she said to be that my writing were journals and were not fit for publication. Not to the public and not in its raw form.

For some reason, I disagree.

I believe that my raw thoughts, as long as I am thinking deeper than the first layer of noise, are worth sharing. Even if to let another person that is feeling the same way know that they are not alone.

So I go back to it to say that these are just my thoughts and I will filter a bit but these posts are something like my morning pages.

To my resolution.

I had for the longest time in my life wanted to set up a lifestyle business or I have wanted to set up things to help people, build schools, release little projects and what have you but I have not done it. And the reason is because I am uncomfortable in the spotlight.

I want to be recognized but I still want to hide in the shadows. I want to remain silent but I still want to be heard. I want to stay in my bubble yet I want to help so many people.

Of course, I know that these things are not possible to do. So it so happened that when I listened to all those podcast episodes that I had queued up for myself, I found one with Derek Sivers and Tim Ferris.

And towards the very end of a two-hour session, there was an exchange with Tim and Derek where Derek talked about these directives that he had distilled on how to be useful to others.

And the very first one is to become famous by doing things in public for the public.

So I write, a lot. And I’m still learning to write. But more importantly I think a lot and to the extent that most people might not light to sit and think or might not have the routines and practice for it, I will share these thoughts. These journals as my sister would call them because I believe that might help someone out. Either be making them feel as if they are not alone, pointing them to some new piece of information that I found, or whatever.

But I’m going to follow directive one: To do things in public. I will learn in public and become a better writer in public. I hope.

If you find this useful or helpful, let me know. If not, let me know as well.

Actionable steps:

Check out the Tim Ferris Show episode with Derek Sivers on his podcast. I would definitely recommend it for people that believe in designing their own lives.

Also, take some time to consider what directives you live by and how they are serving you and others.

I will be speaking more on these directives and how it goes as I try to apply them to my life.

Oh, and to answer the headline

How do you stop hiding and start becoming useful to others?

You just do it. You expose yourself by picking one thing that you are good at, or are interested in, or have thoughts on. You find a way to share that with the public. No matter how small it is in the beginning or how uncomfortable it may feel.

Do it with the intent of being useful and helpful and as long as you keep showing up, you will figure it out.

This is mine. What will yours be?

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